CCTV Control Room Media Wall Applications

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The key to a successful control room is the ability to provide operators with the most up to date information regarding security-related events and surveillance, so that they can take timely, appropriate action to keep the environment safe.

CCTV control room media wall applications from Evolution are the ideal solution for efficient control rooms. It’s aluminium framework construction provides a mounting system where large flat screens can be mounted, displaying camera footage for surveillance. This framework is fully adjustable, so that alterations in the future can be made without the need for specialist tools, cutting or dismantling.  

Optional items are also available to enhance the solution; monitor arms, speaker shelves, digital clock supports and PC storage cradles can be easily mounted to the main structure if and when required.

Straight, angled and curved walls are possible with open frameworks, which means that a solution can be achieved in most cases, whatever the room shape and size. Alternatively, enclosed storage bases seems a popular solution for CCTV control rooms, to utilise space.

A typical CCTV control room set up with two operators, is to mount screens between 42” to 50” in a configuration of four screens in two rows. These are positioned for efficient, ergonomic use, so a critical evaluation is conducted during the design proposal phase, to ascertain

  • Where are the primary viewers in relation to the media wall display
  • Where are secondary viewing locations for individuals not directly engaged with the display
  • Whether there are any physical barriers obstructing the media wall display for any personnel

Upon answering these questions, evaluation of the viewing angles in both horizontal and vertical planes is undertaken as well as consideration of the eye and head tilt between console displays and the media wall displays.

These findings are provided by Thinking Space as part of their award-winning free design service. 3D render visualisations are provided to prove the ergonomics have been incorporated into the proposal and provide reassurance.

Our latest examples of CCTV control room media walls can be found below, with a variety of media wall configurations, suiting the purpose of the information to be displayed.

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